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Hamfox is an open amateur radio project founded by Stefan, DL1NFS.

Currently Hamnet entry links are only available in the 13cm (2.3GHz) band with modified Wifi devices, requiring a direct line-of-sight (LOS). The 2m and 70cm bands don't require LOS, but the bands are quite crowded and the usable bandwidth is limited. Other than the project HRD70, narrowband solutions are required.

Hamfox has the following aims:

  • Protocol standardization:
    • Mode A: Ultra-narrowband (750 Hz) dual-bitrate digital voice mode (Codec2), primarily for use in the 2m/70cm band
    • Mode B: Narrowband (25 kHz) high-speed (>100 kb/s) multi-user Hamnet link in the 2m/70cm band
  • Implementations:
    • Stand-alone on Analog Devices Pluto-SDR
    • High-performance 2m/70cm transceiver for both Hamfox modes (and any analog/digital mode with <25 kHz channel bandwidth)

Current work in process:

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